The Story


Hey there, I'm Tim. 

Founder and owner of Holts Summit Gear. I was born, raised and still live in Holts Summit. So how did this whole thing get started. 

Around 2013 I had found a hat, perfect fit, style. Ya know the one that wears in just right. Well I wore it so much it became pretty beat up so I went back online to order another only to find out it was discontinued. I decided it was time to figure out what style it was and make my own instead of going on the hat hunt again.

After some restless nights, it hit me, why not design it around my hometown. This place is so much a part of who I am and created so many memories. I went to work on some designs and came up with what you see now. The HS logo on front and the Holts Summit city limits on the back. On the side I put a logo of the old entrance to the Capital Speedway. Again a lot of memories for a lot of people from that old track. Falling asleep to the roar of the cars on Saturday night as a little kid and watching the dust clouds over the track from my bedroom window.

I initially made these hats for myself to wear, but after posting on social media, within minutes I had friends asking to buy…..and that’s how it started. I have since expanded to add shirts and hoodies. I design all the logos you see.

I never thought this would be a hit among this town I call home, but I am happy to see others as excited as I am to wear the apparel with pride.

It's more than a logo, it's about memories and stories growing up in a small town. Embrace your roots.