The Story

How did this whole thing get started? 

In 2013 I had found a Thomas Rhett ball cap I really liked, perfect fit and style. Well I wore it so much it became pretty beat up so I decided to go back online to order another only to find out it was discontinued and it had been replaced by a new one, which has happened many times before. I wasn't going to go on the hunt to find another so I decided to make my own, but I had to figure what design to create and style of hat. I didn't want to go cheap and create a gas station style hat, I wanted it to be a nice premium one. I'm not a public figure so I couldn't make a personal hat with my name, that would be cheesy. So I decided to go with my hometown I was born, raised and still reside. This place is so much a part of who I am and created so many memories. So I went with the HS logo on front and the Holts Summit city limits on the back. On the side I decided to put a logo of the old entrance to the Capital Speedway. Again a lot of memories came from that old track. Falling asleep to the roar of the cars on Saturday night as a little kid and watching the dust clouds over the track from my bedroom window.

I received my first order of hats in February 2014 and gave my Dad his very own HS hat. He loved it and couldn't wait to wear it out. Well just days after giving it to him, he had a bad accident slipping on ice and hitting his head at home. It all started as just your everyday slip and fall, but within hours became serious. Months after a long battle, he made it to rehab were he was learning to speak clearer, louder and walk again. He was a week from coming home and unexpectedly passed away. A complete shock and devastation for all of us. Dad did a lot to help the Holts Summit community throughout my years as a kid and right up into my adulthood. Even serving as Mayor at one time, elected by his peers, to get the town back on its feet, which he did. Holts Summit presented the family with a proclamation and named May 15, 2014, Dad’s birthday and the day he was supposed to come home, Mayor Reginald Largent Day, so now this hat has a deeper meaning than just a hat I designed to solve a problem I had. I wear it proudly every time I put it on.

I initially made these for myself to wear, but after posting on social media, within minutes I had friends asking how much and they wanted one. One after another I was getting people wanting them so I decided to get an order together. I soon was getting people I didn't know and from out of state who grew up in Holts Summit wanting a hat. I never thought this would be a hit among this small place I call home, but I am happy to see others as excited as I am to wear the apparel with pride.

It's more than a logo, it's about memories and stories growing up in a small town. Embrace your roots.